S(He) came undone 

He came undone… 

They spoke to him

first when he decided to follow tradition and join the line up of going away for 48 months to mechanize his mind and become immobilized

It triggered the switch within him.

The switch which, once on, takes years of battling the irreversible and rotting of the soul…

Rotting – the mind began to rot.

He tried…He tried to do more, transcend the inevitable but it was hell to him.

He returned home.

Home – what one would perceive as the haven to protect him from haunted his mind, killing his last light of hope and humility


as if his nightmare pried his etes wide as it slid the blade of poisoned darkness across his wrist, bleeding him dry…slowly.

Slowly, in the place where instead of keeping the ruthless from getting too close, began to suffocate him.

Courage, the way to unlocking that which was blocking the ability to breathe, was nowhere to be found as fear and selfishness – the kind where the ME consumes + deminishes empathy indefinitely. 

Drowning…he began to drown in it, from inside out…

it seeped from his ears, oozed from eyes, slowly dripped from his slits…

crumbling, to knee as a lost stand, last chance, gasping as it/they grabbed ahold of his everything, ever being, he was succumbing/succummed to the inevitable demise of him. 

Dead to the world – he was,

for the world could not love him as he need so. 

He became undone.


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