as I pushed him away 

I loved him

But still

There was something peculiar about the way we were

Or was it just me

Continuing my running away from

Escaping the pain of

Fanning the flames, saying “come

and burn with me”

For maybe I was medusa seducing the multifaceted plain

For he was grand, indeed

But even the most grand was no match for me

As I danced with death and death danced with me

Taunting as it dipped me

Spun me

And led me to my demise…

First kindness

Then love

Following confusion

Shortly before the destruction

Of a unity, unifying the last strands of humanity,

For he was my soul

But my heart was that of my own

Imprinted upon by the test of time 

Realizing that neither he nor I could survive.

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