underestimated She, G-spot (me)

They underestimated me.
My potential to them was nothing more than a bounty sale,
Grab the tissue.
The issue…
My ability
So chemically
Dumbfounded they were.
Box me in
Label me ten times over
They tried.
And grew tired
As their lack of capacity
Of happenings of magic that was Black
Totally irrational
As the factional tastes
Of bitter sweet reality seeped into
The un-mindfulness with which they had peaked.
“Damn” slammed the walls of the room
“Um” rumbled from the roofs of their mouths to the curves of their gums
“Moving on” was left
And the theft of their power
Was masterful at best.
I took it back as my undermined potential now was their issue
And like the G spot to the penile mate…
It was unsolvable.
Underestimated she.

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