Fs and You

to the world,f you.


f your “ooh look at me and make me great

but not if you have to value in gold

in riches

in contacts

or traits

for great is really greed

and what i really need is to be fed.”


f your “love me and never leave me

unless you take to the sea to travel centuries rebuilding my legacy by demolishing your agency and consuming all histories in opposition to me.”


f your “the universe is infinite and we are but a spec

but nothing less than amazing as we are the solemn species of being, ruling from the world and to the stars and out of the black hole from which we have crawled out of…we are ultimate

we own all of this

and that is the end of it.”


f your “teach me and give me wisdom yet undermine all those in queerdom and otherness other than what constitutes me and we–really I–know and have to show for learning how to stay closed”


f your contradictory compository of f’d up memories, disengaged from reality induced in abnormality normally constitutes this chaotic form of the world…

as perceived

and then conceived

by YOU.


f the world, and f you too.


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