Come and Save Me

[some things are better expressed in its rawest form, without revision…to be experienced rather than read. Listen for these words:]
You told me
You told me that you would come
You told me that you’d come and save me
from the unbearable, the breakable, the heartache, the pain

You told me you’d free me
that you’d always be with me
You told me,
You told me you’d save me
that all I had to do was believe
to have faith
to dream

You told me
You told me that you’d save me
from the unbearable
Making me unshakeable
Making me strong
giving me the will
and the power
to be
what I was always meant to be

…you told me you’d save me

and you did.

3 thoughts on “Come and Save Me”

  1. Very nice. I enjoyed the singular poetry of the sound of you. Most of what I do is meant to be heard to be understood. That went to the heart and bypassed the head. Thank you. You may consider including a note letting people know that those beautiful words are included. I almost stopped after I read the poem. Your spoken words are lovely. I would hate people to miss them because they are in a hurry.

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      1. I really liked it. As I was reading I was thinking that I wished you had recorded the words over the other. I was just about to exit when I heard your speaking voice, which is sultry feminine with eccellent rhythm. It was a match for the poem. Some folks can write beautifully but don’t need to record the words. You are an exception. You make the spoken word work. Nicely done!

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