He tried to rush love
But she tried to hush love
She had enough love
Unscathed though crushed love
It was touched love
Untouched by her
Wondering if he could
Love her
Be her cover from
The world…

He tried to rush love
Though love for him was unrushed
A cosmic happening
Of memories
Forsaking sanity
For they were never truly
Meant to be
More than dreams
Succumbing to realities
Of the heart
Taken apart by
The mind
Undivided wit to bit a tit-for-tat
Journey to discover-
Ing what was more than
He was rushing
But not her
Or for her
Or even for the thought of her
Just maybe loving him
That was that.
He was rushing the death of logically
That which was over-blinking
What he had felt
Out of existence and into
He was rushing the end to instability
And numbing of emotion
Just to appease her.
He was rushing the sense to LIVE life
Because those 86,400 seconds
Were down to 5 as he waited for her to be ready
4 for her to say “I love you” back
3 to finally feel her heart open to his
2 to finally let his in
And 1 til he took his last breath…

Sometimes we wait for the inevitable
Instead of loving as if there was no

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