The Girl Who Broke Free

She never asked him how he felt…

not that she was afraid of his answer

but more so that she was afraid of her reaction, so she waited. Keeping it bottled up inside, she let the days go by just wondering

…just wondering.

Until one day, she couldn’t keep it bottled up inside any longer.

The pain grew stronger,

and the hunger in her eyes for LIFE overpowered every sense that was common to her.

She could no longer avoid the way she felt

because the shackles of the unanswered questions tightened

and the clanking from force against her rib cage deafened all around her.

She was immersed in a suffocating anxiety.

Needing to be released, she searched her soul and found the key.


she just wanted to be FREE!

So she unbounded her thoughts and left the unknown in a box.

Fleeing from the scene, never looking back, never to be redeemed,

she dropped her past and ran towards her dreams…

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