Addicted to Nightmares

She sat there…
Crushing her lids into her cheeks
As her brain pounded against her skull
Begging to be released.
Thinking brought surges from end of her mind’s surface to the other
And contemplating what her next moves would be
Created nothing but a tense neck.
The sway of the bus causing her to hastily crash into the person within the same vicinity of her breath did not ease her pain either.
She was hoping that the town farthest away from her demon would bring peace to her disjointed reality.
She was running.
But could she outrun her nightmare?
A nightmare which damaged her sense of confidence, broke her consciousness, and left her
Once boisterous
Now nothing more than a murmur of who she once was,
She was silent
And her presence was dissolving.
Her routine of relapsing into the devilish realm of time
And then
Never lasted as long as she’d like…
But did she need to get away
Or did she just enjoy the chase…
The desire to hit the bottom and then rise?
Maybe she gravitated towards the navigated destination of being on top of it all.
If only she knew that it would result in downfall
Mauling at her soul.
No more
No core
Just gore
As she cannot out-

Still she flees.

-writings on the train

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