And So, It Was Called Love

I hope you don’t mind my head resting on your chest
As I ramble on about how I don’t believe that the world spontaneously came to be
That holistic medicine isn’t considered legitimate because its paradigm is a threat to MDs
That the sun will either turn cold or combust into a black hole in less that a million years
That we are two separate entities that “just so happened” to find each other, being brought to tears
That we eat more during the winter just to have an extra layer of fat protection
That some guys rather say nothing at all instead of face rejection
That when we said “I do” we’d be forever together til death due us part as if my pride being shattered into a million fragments became your slaved-over art
Amounting to


But dreams torn from the dark sky
Like a shooting star falling with the energy of failed wishes
But your lost soul gaining more stitches
As if you were the catcher in a field full of lye rye
Looking for hopes to capture
There are none because no one ever told you they’d all die

I hope you don’t mind my head resting on your chest

As I mumble something so familiar to you that it just becomes white noise…

Me just mumbling
Then humming
Singing a song
Cursing the day I stumbled upon you

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