I Will Cover You

When the world seems cold
with the ground tough and life brittle,
I’ll cover you.

Sheltering you with warmth,
Sourcing from my beating heart
Reaching out to you with every pump.

Thumping against my rib cage
Squeezing through just to gain another inch closer to you.

I’ll cover you.

When all seems to be caving in
And the weight of your reality begins to bring you to your knees
As the universe consumes you,
I’ll cover you.

Cover you with the energy of the sun and the pull of the moon
As they rush through your veins and into your every fiber
Capturing your fears
Torturing your doubts
And dispelling all tries to leave you with nothing.

I. will. Cover you.
For I am the giver of life
The creator of the universe
And the one who will destroy all that seeks your demise.

Your fears will fear me
Doubts will doubt their stance against me
And nothing will continue on to the nothingness it is damned to.

I will cover you.
Cover you, I will.

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