He waited for me

The frost gathered around the skin of the fingers, hardening

Hardening, my heart hardened at the very thought that he may not come

He waited for me

Half way across town there was this little coffee shop

The smell of hazel would rush through your nose, causing it to scrunch and wiggle just a bit

A little bit of hazel, that was his favorite

Dark wooden seats with a fireplace and auburn pillows


The coffee shop was cozy and warm

It was our first date and the snow stuck to the ground so we went inside the coffee shop because, you see, I hated the cold and he loved to be cozy and warm


warmth is what he gravitated towards and I was full of life, loving spaces where I could nestle in and places kept away from the world

Who knew that I was just enough of the world that he wanted

Just enough

But just enough was not enough…

for me.

You see,

I only gravitated towards the coffee shop because I hated the cold and the snow stuck

But when life began to push through the hardened ground, I was cold no more

Energy filled me and powered all circuits to the very essence of me


I was just Being.

BEcause in the end, we all need hibernation

but not to remain, only to prepare

Prepare to break free

He gravitated towards warmth and loved Being cozy,

but remaining was like the cold, dead to me

So now, as the snow returns and begins to stick

I am waiting

Waiting for him to take me to that hazel-smelling, fire burning


where I could nestle in and hide away from the world

…just waiting

as he remains

in this space of gravity

…and I don’t think I am enough to reclaim that force

…but maybe I’m just enough for him to notice.

(La Pelie participating in Kate’s Five Minute Friday)

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