To Every Dreamer

You cannot be afraid to dream!

Feel the fibers of your body fill with energy

Your head lift, your mind fire up, and your thoughts ignite

Causing the messages in the back of your memory flood to the front and

Pour out through the glimmer in your eyes

The glow on your face

The pep in your step

The wisdom in your words

And the confidence in your voice

You are a dreamer!

No utterance of “failure” shall ever stain your path

Because every obstacle transforms your ideologies into something greater

Forever learning











to your desired state of being

without an ounce of sleep or food for eating

Forever starving as the hunger is what keeps your heart beating

You are a dreamer!

Actions will always bang against the concrete of reality harder than words

But those very concoctions of expressions will make even the beastliest of hurricanes search for peace and rest

No fear could hold you as it is what grounds you…

Not of shattering from fragility

But of having to live without ever knowing your full potential or ever reaching it.

You. Are. A. Dreamer

A. Doer

A. Fighter

An. Igniter



Rebelling against the can-nots

warring for the have-nots

and awakening the will-nots

So imagine what could be

Inspire new realms of possibility

Believe in yourself enough to force the heart, souls and consciousness of all those around you to get lifted with you.

You are a dreamer…So DO That.

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