Still there was something to his good morning
He shuffled his feet as he spoke in a quick and quiet tone
Looking down at the floor as if he had placed his thoughts there
Time stopped when he spoke because his energy sent waves of that feeling you get when you know something is just
Not right
That instinctual pause causing warmth and deeper breaths to follow
They were frozen
Paralyzed by the neurons within that place where one loses their inner child to the world in fear of not making sense
Logic kept them still as he began to lift his head with a slight crease in his mouth
She noticed
She always noticed him
Noticed when he fell off the big swing in the playground and red drops began to squeeze their way from the pink flesh as if being inside any longer was no longer bearable
Noticed when he didn’t come home after third period math class
The one he hated
Always hated
She thought it was the girl he stayed late to help with her homework
Homework that she only wanted the answers to because her looks granted her time to just focus on her competition that weekend
She thought he stayed again for her
Until he didn’t come home
One hour two hours eight hours one day four days three weeks four months a year
And a day
He was gone
Shattered, all the family she had left was a dog named Bailey and a man she called Jessy who she guessed she had to call her dad because all the girls her age called their boyfriends that
He was gone she was shattered and the dog sat
Morning dew on the hydrangea was her favorite
She loved the way the dew signaled the day and eventually the sun
She noticed
Soon the dew turned into frost and she discovered a letter trapped in the scape where the hydrangea used to be
A postage stamp from Berlin
Before her thoughts could catch up to her gasp for air
Her body took to gravity and met the solid grey concrete
The sensation of a cold wet tongue against her nose made her come to
Jessy’s face peering from the blurry figure as she opened her eyes
Full of tears
As if her broken pieces had melted
Dumbfounded she was by the name on the envelope
It was him

“Sargent Connor Moss”
He was returning
She was melting
Jessie was preparing
And the dog sat

He was familiar to her though his face was dim and eyes mournful
His eyes caught hers
Piercing through her thoughts and confronting her inner storm
She noticed him

There was something to his good morning
As he brought the dew

(La Pelie participating in Kate’s Five Minute Friday)

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