And The Spirits Spoke

Within the forest, a group of people came together to speak with the spirits. The ground that was once bare with dirt and scorch marks, now was overcome with life and harvest. In a circle, they stood holding hands…palms locked and heads to the sky…

Group: We see you.

Spirits: You do?

Group:Yes. We see your struggle. We see your pain. We see your frustration and anger. We see you.

Spirits:Go on, children. What else do you see?

Group:Your degradation. Your suffering. We feel it too. We are the same…

Spirits:What you see are the remnants of such and the products that outlast us. You also see the war. Yes, the war is ever-forging. Though, the battles are ever-changing…evolving and transforming into complex entities…

Group:We know. We continue to fight, for we desire to press on towards the end of the very war that once scorched this forest ground! We see the enemy and we will preserve your legacy!

Spirits:Our children, you must never succumb to the obstacles that may tare your path to victory, but you must not forget that we have won the battles that now allow life to flourish in this forest and reap your nourishment. Those are past…and the battles that lay ahead reckon novel tactics and weapons. The enemy has many manifestations and expends visible bait while its most tangible plots are inherent and nearly lucid. Learn from us, for you will not find solutions solely from our doings but pieces that are vital to reconfiguring your strategy for the future. Acquire necessary resources. Adapt to your present. Adapt to this forest. Seek resolution and then create it. For the past is a lesson necessary to make sense of the present in order to forge change in new ways for the future. (The spirits leave.)

Group:(look to each other in defeat, confusion and anger)

The group of people who sought insight and resolve from the spirits were left in the forest. Now sitting, they wonder what the spirits truly meant. They were behooved to reconsider their acquired “knowledge” and strategies for pursing victory with the vital inclusion of adapting, seeking and creating. Flustered, they remain…sitting.

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